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RN-to-BSN Program: Books & E-Books

AUM Library Catalog

Using the AUM Library Catalog is the easiest way to locate print and electronic books. Follow this tutorial to learn more. 

Every library uses a system of organization that arranges items by "call number" which includes letters and numbers to indicate where the book is located, or can be found. For AUM Library, we use the Library of Congress Call Number system. Each library item has a call number that starts with a letter, or letters, and subsequent lines of numbers. These refer to topics and subjects, and are useful as a guide map as you navigate the library. For more info on Library of Congress, watch this quick tutorial

This arrangement allows for "serendipitous browsing" which means once you find a book in the Library Catalog, go to the shelf and locate the book, and based on the items' organization you might be able to find an even better book.  

Learn more about the LC Call Number System here!

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Library of Congress Call Numbers, or LC Call Numbers, start with one or more letters. These letters refer to a general subject classification - meaning, that the letters on the LC Call Number refer to the topic of the item. 

The AUM Library divides our circulating collection on 3rd - 5th floors based on LC Call Number system  

- A-HA Call Numbers - 3rd Floor of Library Tower *  

- HB-PN 4887 Call Numbers - 4th Floor of Library Tower  

- PN 4888-Z Call Numbers - 5th Floor of Library Tower