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MKTG 4360: Marketing Research: Start Here
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Jessica Hayes

Marketing Research Library Assignments - General Instructions

For both the Print and Electronic Secondary Source Papers, you will locate/access ALL of the LISTED REFERENCE SOURCES to identify three (3) unique pieces of information about a company/industry you would like to work within or a place you would like to live.

 A. Dr. Periatt defines unique information as coming from five different pages, tables, or reports within the source. 

1.) In one-to-three sentences you will discuss the types of information available in the source (paragraph 1). In a second paragraph you will identify your five unique pieces of information from that source. The theme for this paragraph is to explain why this information was important. 

2.) Dr. Periatt also defines unique information as information that is not shared with others. Therefore, if you have two or more common facts as another student or students, you will receive a zero for the assignment

a. Dr. Periatt highly recommends you flip through the sources because you never know what you might find.

B. There is no specific requirements for the information found; if simply has to be five unique pieces of information that is not shared with two or more students.

C. The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the many unique and essential research resources that academic libraries have for market research.

If you have questions about getting started with the research for this assignment, please text the AUM Library at 334-384-1851!!