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MKTG 4360: Marketing Research: Library Assignment
- Print Resources

Suggested Print Secondary Sources (Reference Resources)

All these resources are considered reference books and are typically found on the 2nd Floor of the Library. However, for your assignment, you can check these out at the 1st Floor Circulation Desk for in library use only.

You can check these out for four hours at a time but these are limited for library-use only and cannot be removed from the building. However, the Library has a book scanner that you can use to scan your selected books. You can save the documents to a flash drive or you can email the scanned information to yourself. 

If you have any questions about the Reference resources, please text 334-384-1851! 

Using Reference Books

Reference books are different than regular books or even textbooks. They are not designed to be read through like a novel. Instead, they are organized topically or alphabetically. 

You can determine if a resource is a reference book if it has in the title one of the following terms: 

* Handbook 

* Almanac 

* Directory 

* Dictionary 

* Encyclopedia

Most reference books have an index at the back of the book or at the end of the series. The index will be organized A-Z and all of the topics covered in the reference book(s) will be listed. You will simply find your specific subject, identify the page number that it is found on, and then locate it in the book.