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AUM Interlibrary Loan Services: How to Place Interlibrary Loan Requests

Information and resources to better help AUM users navigate the Interlibrary Loan/ALLIES services.

Submitting a Request through the AUM Interlibrary Loan System

Submitting a Request Through AUM Interlibrary Loan System:

  • Log onto the AUM Interlibrary Loan System
  • Click on "New Request"
  • Select your Request Type (Book, Book Chapter/Article, or Media) 
  • Fill out as much information as you have about the item.  The more information you provide, the more quickly the request will be processed.
  • Use the "Notes" section to give us any additional information that you have about the item.
  • Click "Submit"

Submitting a Request through WorldCat

Submitting A Request Through WorldCat:

Submitting a request through WorldCat is the most efficient way to submit as ILL request, as it provides the most complete information to the lending library.  To submit a request through WorldCat:

  • Access WorldCat
  • Using the search interface, locate the desired item. 
  • When you have located the item, open the record and click the blue highlighted "Request Item Through AUM Interlibrary Loan" link.
  • Sign into the AUM Interlibrary Loan system, and the information from the WorldCat record will auto-populate in a New Request form.
  • Review the information and make any necessary changes to the WorldCat information. Then enter the following information that is not auto-populated but is required by the AUM Library: 
    • Needed before (YYYYMMDD) - which will let us know when the information is needed.
    • Amount Willing to Pay -  AUM Library will always try to obtain requested material at no cost to you. If charges are involved, you will be notified before the item is requested. You are responsible for any charges that you agree to pay, even if the requested item arrives after your research is completed.
    • Update or Add Information under My Address and Contact Information
  • Click "Submit"