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NURS 4110: Transformation to the Professional Nurse Role: Begin

This guide will provide with you with suggested resources, research tools, and writing tutorials that are available from the AUM Library, the Learning Center, and other AUM departments. Additionally, this guide provides you with assistance in utilizing an

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Course Information

This course focuses on the knowledge, competencies, skills and abilities for transformation to the professional nurse role.

Below are some books on professional nursing/professional nurse role. These books can be found in the AUM Library collection. Undergraduate students can check out up to 50 books at one time and have them checked out for 28 days. 

Course Objectives

1. Discuss professionalism within the context of nursing history, roles, values, philosophies, and education.


2. Analyze critical professional concepts/frameworks within the context of professional development.


3. Assess current professional competencies and behaviors to determine areas of strength and improvement for future growth.


4. Demonstrate consistent self-reflection, critical self-reflection, and critical dialogue techniques.


5. Develop a plan for successful transformation to the role of the professional nurse.


6. Collaborate, communicate, and cooperate effectively with health care team members, patients, and patients' support networks to implement patient-centered care including appropriate teaching for developmental stage, age, Culture, and health literacy to ensure high quality outcomes.


7. Practice within legal/ethical frameworks.


8. Synthesize current healthcare issues/challenges and the impact on nursing in diverse practice settings.


9. Appreciate the role of professional nursing organizations/associations.

Learning Activities

  1. Weekly Discussion/Response to Critical Thinking Questions
    The purpose of this activity is encourage student-to-student and student-to-faculty engagement. Stimulate self-reflection, critical self-reflection and critical dialogue skills.
  2. Nursing Philosophy
    The purpose of this activity is to encourage analysis and understanding of nursing philosophy. A philosophy informs the professional nurse's belief system or worldview (metaparadigm) of nursing. Critical feedback on professional writing is provided with this assignment.
  3. Core Competencies Assessment
    The purpose of this activity is to assess behavioral competencies within six (6) Core Competency Domains as established by Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Critical feedback on professional Writing is provided with this assignment
  4. Leadership Personality Assessment
    The purpose of this activity is to critically reflect on the role of the nurse leader and the influence on professional role identity. Emotional Intelligence is a very important construct and completion of the Emotional Intelligence Assessment will require self-reflection and analysis of one's characteristics and leader persona.
  5. Group Presentation
    The purpose of this activity is to assist students in developing effective communication skills and allow students the opportunity to work in a group setting and teach classmates on a topic related to professional nursing.