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BUSN 3060: Business Communication: Start Here
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Jessica Hayes

Marketing Research Library Assignments - General Instructions

For this assignment, you are to use secondary sources from AUM library to answer the following questions. Some of the sources are hard/print copies (called Reference materials). They are located on the second floor of the AUM Library and you may ask about the location of these resources at the Reference Desk, also located on the second desk. The electronic sources are accessed by clicking on the database’s name.  If you choose to use other sources you will have to justify using your source by answer these questions about your source.  

NOTE: The assignment objective is to get you to look through the sources.  An acceptable or correct answer may be found in multiple sources.  Therefore, current answer are more important than finding the specific source I used to develop the question.

In a word document, you are to answer each question with one or more complete sentences.  You will also include a separate reference page at the end of your answers.  

If you have questions about getting started with the research for this assignment, please
text the AUM Library at 334-384-1851!!