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Foundation Center Funding Information Network Collection: Study the Social Sector

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General Resources

Many fields of study intersect with the world of philanthropy, so learning more about it can help you with your studies or help you become a better practitioner in your own field. If you are a grantseeker, learning more about the social sector can improve your fundraising efforts. The following resources are good places to start.

Generate Visualizations

The following tools provide data in the form of visualizations: maps, bar charts, constellation charts, or funding pathways.


Foundation Maps allows users to generate visualizations of funding activities, including maps, constellation charts, and pathway charts. It includes private and federal funders. The AUM Library provides free access to the full version of Foundation Maps on the second floor of the Library, but there are a number of specialized iterations of Maps that focus on particular subjects. These may be freely accessed from anywhere without a subscription. A few are listed below; for more, see this page.

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