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Mentor Resources: Wellness

Counseling Services

Counseling & Health Promotion Services

We are here for you!

Growth and change are exciting but are not always smooth. If you need help with issues, big or small, the staff of Counseling and Health Promotion Services (CHPS) is available to help. CHPS provides free and confidential help with any difficulties you might be facing.

If you have any questions, please call us at (334) 244-3469, stop by our office in Taylor Center 316, or email us at

Peer Mentor Resources

Peer Mentor BOLO (Be on the Lookout)
In your role as a peer mentor, you will be spending time each week working directly with students. To best serve these students, it is important that you know certain things to be on the lookout for and what to do if you notice them.

The Quiet Student
Many of our students may be quiet and introverted, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some students, however, may want to make connections in their classes but be unsure how to do this. Reach out to these students when you notice them. Feel free to include them in conversation with other students if they respond well to your efforts. Help them feel part of the classroom community. If a student seems particularly reluctant to be included, let your instructor know so that they may reach out privately. Our goal is to make each student feel welcome and see that they belong in that classroom and at AUM!

The Struggling Student
College is exciting, but it is also a challenging time. Students may come to you because they are worried about the class you are in or their other classes. You should tell this student to meet you during your office hours if you feel that you can assist them or help connect them with available campus resources. Remember, the student needs to do the work, but you can offer guidance and make sure they understand the assignment requirements. Feel free to share your study tips as well. Help them sign up for a session in the learning center and/or instructional support lab and let the student know that the learning center and instructional support lab can help them with all of their classes. Also, email the instructor to let them know that the student is struggling.

The Upset Student
The students in our classes are all dealing with their struggles, and they must know that there are many resources at AUM to help them deal with whatever life is throwing at them. Remember, you are not a counselor. You can offer your advice as a friend for minor problems, but the student must be directed to the appropriate resource for their problem. You MUST email the instructor if an upset student comes to you or if you notice that a student is deeply troubled about something.Students express their emotions in different ways. Some upset students may become emotional and cry, but others may withdraw or be argumentative in the classroom. Everyone has a bad day occasionally, but if you notice a pattern in a student’s behavior or a sudden change from the norm that may indicate they are upset about something, notify the instructor and as soon as possible.


Peer Mentor Resources/Distressed Students

Distressed Students 101

Signs that a student is in distress might include the following: excessive absences, plummeting academic performance, self-isolation, poor personal hygiene, unable to control emotions or behavior, interpersonal dependency, engaging in high risk behaviors, overexercising, alludes/expresses emotional distress.

Speak Directly With Student
1.   Schedule a 1-1 meeting.
2.   Let someone else in your department know of the meeting so they can be available if necessary.
3.   Tell student what you’ve noticed about their behavior that has caused your concern.
4.   Ask open-ended questions; avoid “why” questions.
5.   Listen to student’s response.
6.   Deal directly with issues without judgment.
7.   Restate what you have heard.

Consult a Campus Resource
Counseling and Health        244-3469
Campus Police                    244-3424
Student Health Services      244-3281
Housing and Resident Life   244-3296
Advocacy & Accountability:  See Something, Say Something Report Link:

Assess: Is this an emergency?
1.   Is there imminent danger of harm to self or others?
2.   Is the student behaving in a threatening or violent manner?
3.   Does the student seem out of touch with reality?
4.   Does anything else about the situation seem threatening or dangerous?
(Yes to any of these = emergency)

Bring student to Campus Police or call 244-3424.                                  

Though not an emergency, is it urgent?
1.   Despair, depression
2.   Not eating
3.   Nonsensical rambling, ranting
(Yes to any of these = urgent)


Bring student to Campus Police or call 244-3424.

Contact Counseling and Health Promotion Services at 244-3469.

Provided by: AUM Counseling and Health Promotion Services

Things to say to student:
1.   Asking for help is a sign of strength!
2.   Who can you talk with about this?
3.   What do you think would help?
4.   How about speaking with a counselor at Counseling and Health Promotion Services?


Wellness Center

Live Well. Learn Well. Be Well.

Your total fitness and wellness is our aim at the AUM Wellness Center. Whether you want to exercise or just hang out with your friends, members of the AUM community can:

  • Swim–for fitness or just for fun
  • Conquer the rock climbing wall
  • Play basketball, badminton or pickleball
  • Enjoy a group fitness class
  • Do some weight training
  • Run on the track
  • Hike on the walking trail
  • Soak in the hot tub
  • Throw a round of disc golf
  • Get sandy playing outdoor volleyball

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 334-244-3484