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Mentor Resources: Career Resources

Career Development Center

What career is right for me?

If you haven’t figured that out yet, you’re not alone. That’s why we’re here. The AUM Career Development Center’s mission is to educate, empower and create opportunities for AUM students and alumni to achieve individual professional success. 

It all starts when you visit our office in the Taylor Center. We can guide you toward internships or co-op experience since employers love to hire graduates with work experience. We’ll take you through a proven process to assess and  explore your career options. We also help students find on-campus, part-time jobs through our Working Warhawks program. And much more!

Focus 2

How do you choose a major and identify your career field?

Career decision making requires understanding several things about yourself: your values, interests, skills, abilities, and personality characteristics. The AUM Career Development Center uses an online career assessment tool, FOCUS2, to assist you in learning how your unique blend of elements could be used in the workplace. This tool is designed to help students select the right major, explore career options within each major, and establish a plan to achieve career goals.

Create your FOCUS2 account to begin your career exploration! Contact the Career Development Center for access information.


Exploring Career Options & Preparing You For the Job Search:
Our Process


Are you an analytical problem-solver or are you a creative type? Are you a Type-A personality or an introvert? Your search for a fulfilling career begins with knowing yourself. Identify your interests, skills and values and start creating goals for your future. This will help you make decisions about your major.


What can you do with your major? We’ll help you research and select career options that align with your talents, interests and goals. You’ll have an opportunity to observe professionals in the workplace as you develop your own Career Action Plan.


It’s time to work your plan by gaining experience through involvement and internships. Build your portfolio and sharpen the skills that will give you the edge in competing for jobs after graduation. Begin adding experiences, coursework, and skills gained to your Handshake profile, and search for internship or Working Warhawks on-campus job opportunities.


Now, apply what you’ve learned and launch your job search strategy.  Refine your resume or CV and cover letter, complete your LinkedIn and Handshake profiles, expand your network, and participate in professionalism and interviewing workshops so you’ll be ready for the real thing.