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Introductory Biology: Peer-Reviewed

What is Peer Review?

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Graphic Attribution: IJCTA-Peer Review Process

Peer Review Explained Video

Scientific Literature

You will find two types of research articles in peer-review science journals: primary and secondary.

Primary research articles describe original research written by the researcher(s) of the study. These include original research articles and case studies.

  • Case Study Article Example--In the medical field, a case study is generally an in-depth analysis of a specific patient's health issue.
  • Second Case Study Example
  • Original Research Article Example--A report on the research study that explains the purpose of the study, the demographics of the groups studied, how the study was conducted (methodology) and data collected, the results of the study and why the research is valuable.

Review Arizona State University's Ask A Biologist website to learn more about how to identify an original research article by its components.

Parts of a scholarly article. Review linked site for details.

Secondary research provides a summary and/or analysis of original scientific research. The most common type of secondary research articles are review articles. These types of articles summarize a number of research studies in a particular area and provide analysis on the research as a whole.

Opinion pieces can also be published in scientific journals. The most common types of these articles that you will come across are editorials or perspective articles. While written by experts, these are subjective essays, not research.