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CMDS 3500 Research Help: Getting Started

Assignment Information

Syndrome Project/ Presentation/Paper

  1. Oral Presentation
    1. Lasts 5-10 minutes
    2. Power Point is required. (But feel free to use other visual aids as well.) No minimum or maximum slides are required.
  2. Written Paper
    1. A summary of the information about the syndrome in APA format (include cover page and reference page).
    2. Must have a minimum of 3 references. Only 1 can be internet based and at least one must be peer reviewed.
    3. No longer than one page. May be single or double spaced.
    4. Make enough copies of your paper for each classmate and your instructor.  Do not need to copy cover page for classmates.
  3. Cover the Following:
    1. Syndrome definition
    2. Physical/ Behavioral characteristics (i.e. learning disability, MR, hearing loss, speech-language delays, developmental delays, dental problems, etc.)
    3. Speech-Language Issues (Be specific)
    4. Intervention/Treatment
    5. The information you present must include each of these but is not limited to these areas.

Syndrome Project List of Topics

CMDS 3500 Syndrome Project List of Topics

Apert Syndrome    

Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome 

CHARGE Syndrome 

Cri-du-Chat Syndrome 

Crouzon Syndrome 

Goldenhar Syndrome 

Klinefelter Syndrome

Moebius Syndrome

The Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS)

Noonan Syndrome

Pierre Robin Syndrome

Stickler Syndrome

Sturge-Weber Syndrome

Treacher Collins Syndrome

Usher Syndrome

Velocardiofacial Syndrome

 Waardenburg Syndrome