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College of Nursing & Health Sciences - Faculty Resource Guide: Using the
AUM Library

This guide is to help nursing faculty on navigating and utilizing the AUM Library resources for both teaching and research purposes.

Searching for Specific Nursing Journals

Looking for a particular journal/magazine/newspaper?
Search EBSCO A to Z to find which online resources contain it:


Recommended Nursing Resources

Scholarly/Professional Nursing Journals are individual publications that are published on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.) The AUM Library possess numerous nursing related journals, available in both print or electronically via our database collection. Below are direct links to the recommended journal. You can search within these for your weekly discussions. 

When you click on the link, it will bring up the publication and from there you can search using keywords, etc. to find results. For more information, watch our video on how to search one specific journal within our database collections 


Multi-Search lets you find books, articles & other research materials from a single search box. We highly recommend checking the full-text box to limit results to those we own locally