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GEOG2050: Geography of World Regions: Reference Resources


Statistics Sources

The World Data Analyst is accessible in the Encyclopaedia Britannica Online Academic database. Click on the World Data Analyst link under Research Tools in the database.

You can find U.S. and international statistics online in the Statistical Abstract.

The CIA World Factbook offers country comparisons for population, migration, the economy, communications, military, and transportation as well as basic information on countries

Statistics are also available in the database CultureGrams.  Click on Graphs and Data Tables at the top of the screen to begin creating statistical tables.

Other sources for statistics: 


Reference Books

Reference books are often an excellent starting place for finding a topic or background information on your topic.  These books are located in the Reference Collection on the 2nd floor.  They may not be checked out, but you can make photcopies from the books.  Listed below are some Reference books that might be useful as you begin your research.  Ask at the Reference Desk if you need assistance with locating the books.