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NURS 4220: Informatics and Evidence-Based Practice: What is Peer Review?

What is Peer Review?

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Graphic Attribution: IJCTA-Peer Review Process

Peer Reviewed Nursing Materials

Peer-reviewed nursing articles have undergone the peer-reviewed process which typically involves a group of nursing experts reviewing, and critiquing the article's research, content, and findings. This procedure helps establish and/or refine ethical research criteria, set standards in research approaches, and validates research findings. These articles are extremely valuable to nursing researchers and scholars, as well as working nurses who use these sources to gain insight about current nursing practices and research.

Examples of peer-reviewed nursing articles: 

Content Modified from Jefferson Community & Technical College - Scholarly and/or Peer-Reviewed Articles

Peer-reviewed journals follow the same review steps as peer-reviewed articles but applied to the entire publication. This requires that before publication, the journal is evaluated by both independent scholars as well as the editorial board. 

Examples of peer-reviewed nursing journals held in the AUM Library

These publications typically require paid subscription to access their content; here at AUM Library, we pay for these subscriptions on your behalf! That is why using the AUM Library is so important! 

Content modified from Olympic College (History: Scholarly & Peer Reviewed Sources), Northcentral University (Research Process), Utica College (Nursing Intro to the Library), and CalPoly Robert E. Kennedy Library (Find Articles).

The terms peer-review and scholarly are often used interchangeably, there are some slight differences that need to be addressed.

Scholarly journals content is academic, intensively researched, and heavily cited, but can be both peer-reviewed or non-peer-reviewed materials. Comparatively, peer-review journal content is primarily comprised of peer-review articles, and the publication itself is peer-reviewed before being approved for publishing. 

Content modified from CalPoly Robert E. Kennedy Library (Find Articles).