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Contributing Students


Caitlin Celka

Tyler Devore

John C. Havard

Kiarah Holloway

 Maklyn Hudson

Caitlin Jones

Leigh Newby

Ryan Preskitt

James Scott

Maisha Turner

Eden Wells

The Female Review by Herman Mann: AUM Critical Edition


The Female Review by Herman Mann

AUM Critical Edition

What follows is a critical edition of The Female Review. This edition was produced as a class project in Dr. John Havard’s Fall 2016 course on the literature of the U.S. Revolution taught at Auburn University at Montgomery. Each student was assigned a chapter or two of the text. The students then, with Dr. Havard’s consultation, selected topics that they believed needed explanatory notes. They did research on the topics and composed their notes. The edition was lightly edited, consisting mainly of revising some notes for clarity and excising others to eliminate redundancy.






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