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ENGL1020: English Composition II (Amy Locklear - SciFi Monsters): Finding Books

Monsters are a common trope used in science fiction. Yet, who are the monsters, really? That which menaces us, or we ourselves who create such monsters?

Finding Books Using the Library's Online Catalog

Books shelved on the 3rd through 6th floors can be checked out using your AUM ID card at the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor. These books are listed in the Library's online catalog.  Use the catalog search box below to do a simple search on your topic or go directly to the online catalog for more search options.

Search The Catalog

Finding Books in NetLibrary

NetLibrary contains over 50,000 electronic books. These books are listed in the Library's online catalog or you can search the database separately.  Some of the books in NetLibrary are not appropriate for university level research, so be sure to examine each for its appropriateness for your assignment.

Systems Librarian