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ENGL3060: Business & Professional Writing (Gail Waller): Finding Articles

Finding Articles

Use one or more of the Library's databases linked from the boxes to the right to find journal, magazine, and newspaper articles on your topic. You may also want to try additional databases that are not listed here.

Find Journals

Looking for a particular journal,  magazine, or newspaper?
Search SerialsSolutions to find which full-text databases contain it.


Country Reports, published by the Economist Intelligence Unit, are included in several databases.  The easiest way to find a specific report is to type in country report and the country name, for example country report belgium in the search box in Find Journals.  To get a list of Country Reports, type in just country report and scroll down the list of reports on over 200 countries.  These reports include information on politics, business, and economics.


Check international news sources for business information in your country.  The Library's databases Lexis Nexis Academic Universe and Westlaw Campus provide full text articles from a variety of international papers.  Also check out the news services below.

General/Multidisciplinary Databases


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